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Top locations

Sports complex
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Sports complex


Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

+380 63 136 2585

Sports federation
Sports federation

Ski complex "Protasiv Yar"

23-А Protasiv Yar street, Kyiv

+380 44 338 2682

SFERA Beach Club

"X-Park" Парк Дружбы Народов


Sports yard
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Sports yard

Mamayeva Sloboda

Mykhaila Dontsya St, 2, Kyiv

+380 44 361 9848

Sports yard
Sports yard

Central Botanical Gardens

1 Tymyryazivska St, Kyiv

+380 44 285 4105

Sports yard
Sports yard

Park "Warriors-Internationalists"

18 Architect Verbitskogo Street, Kyiv

In two days

Федерація Стронгмену України — Фінал кубку України

Sat 18 Aug 10:00 Sun 19 Aug 17:00
In three days
Trampoline jumping

Мастеркласс на батуте/теория/видео-анализ/// X-Park

Sun 19 Aug 05:30-21:00
In three days

SUP – Йога з Доменікою!

Sun 19 Aug 06:00-20:00
Right now

Фінал проекту Fitness For Smile

Sat 28 Jul 12:00 Tue 28 Aug 19:00

Drone Owners Meet Up в QDX

Fri 17 Aug 23:00-07:00

Sport Around You

Would like to do sport but don’t know how to organise it? Use a new service to search for gyms, fitness clubs, swimming pools and bright sporting events in the capital!

Sport occupies the major part of a modern man’s life, as we all know that staying healthy and fit is a fashion today. Be on trend and do a kind of sport you will get the most out of. Search for best options and give it a shot!

Our service will help you to find a sports ground, but there is more: you can plan an itinerary, look through announcements for future events, sign up for a marathon, or register for a yoga workshop. The service is being constantly updated, so the information provided is always completely accurate.

There are always plenty of exciting sporting events taking place in the capital of Ukraine, which allow you not just to stay on trend but to find new friends and like-minded people. Choose the events according to your schedule, arrange your time beforehand and expand your sporting horizons by means of our site. A handy algorithm will help you to display all the preferences and click on «search» button to get the maximum of valuable information just in a minute.

Start using the site, bookmark it – and enjoy a new lease of life! Be sporty – a perfect motto!